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Special Offer for Gymies Gym Members
1/26/2013 10:04:06 PM
Pay as you go classes now available exclusively to Gymies members for £5 per class.  Hope to see you there x
£5 taster sessions
1/26/2013 10:02:36 PM
£5 taster sessions are back for first timers!  Try Circul8 for a fiver, and if you sign up, I will deduct it from your first monthly or 3/12 payment. Gymies gym Sun 10-11am. See you there!
1/18/2013 9:19:23 AM
Just think of all the calories you can use up just by walking in the snow, all that body weight exercise you get just picking up and chucking snowballs, or building a snowman, not to mention the leg and bum toning from cliimbing back up the hill before sledging down again!!!  Well, I'm tired just thinknig about it!  Get out there and have fun ladies XxX
First Class of Circul8
1/6/2013 12:55:22 PM
First session of 2013.  Great to see you all again!
Hopefully we will have some new starters next this space and tell all you friends x

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